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Why becoming a #RentLikeAPro member?

What are the advantages of becoming a #RentLikeAPro member? It's easy as pie: choose and rent online, pick it up at the store – and pay less! To boot, a complete ProTeam will look after you. You can alternate between biking and e-biking just as the fancy takes you. What more could you want? Discover your advantages as #RentLikeAPro member!


As a #RentLikeAPro member, you will get a discount, be it a mountain bike, a kid's bike, or an e-bike that you are renting online. You will get an exclusive 10% off on the total rent for your equipment, no matter for how long you plan to rent the gear. What are you waiting for to sign up?


A team of experts will advise you on your choice of equipment. You can count on us, be it when you pick up your gear or for minor adjustments later on after you've tested the bike. That's biking at its best! We know the best downhill trails and the most beautiful trails that you should not miss. Just ask!


Our stores are seamlessly interlinked, which has a noticeable effect on the smooth service we provide. Pick up your gear at one of the shops in Surlej, Silvaplana, Chantarella or Signal. At the end of your tour, you can drop off your bike at the store that's most convenient for you.


Being a #RentLikeAPro member, you will be the first to hear about new merchandise we have in our Skiservice stores and about events taking place in the area. You will always be up to date with the latest news. And, if that weren't good enough: We will regularly send you discounts and invitations to top events nearby.


Being a #RentLikeAPro member, you will receive excellent offers for winter gear too – pay us a visit in the cold season of the year and check it out. We have shops not only down in the valley but also on the slopes, to be able to provide a top service near you. Decide anew every day whether you want to ski, snowboard, do cross-country skiing or go freeriding.